IRONMAN 70.3 Pan American Champion

Jeanni SeymourRace Report


photo credit: @trimexico

It was a risk to do back-to-back Championship level races, especially after a near lifetime best performance last weekend in St. George. It was my boyfriend Justin Metzler’s idea to race the IRONMAN 70.3 Pan American Championship in Monterrey and at first, I wasn’t sure it was such a great idea. But after discussing it with my coach, Jesse Kropelnicki, we decided I had nothing to lose and if anything, it was an opportunity for me to mix it up with a strong field.

Obviously the risk was worth the reward and I am incredibly happy to have been able to take the win in Monterrey. I was also pretty stoked that my roommate and fellow First Endurance ambassador, Kevin Collington won on the men’s side!

I had some doubts leading into the race as I wasn’t sure how my body would respond after racing in St. George – arguably the toughest 70.3 course on the schedule. I did my best recovering the week before and focused on what I could control – my mindset and my ability to push myself.


I didn’t have a good swim start and I was disappointed with my swim as it was not a reflection of my true ability. I am still working on that assertive mentality needed at the swim start. It is a work in progress and I know I have the tools to be at the front of every pro womens’ swim pack. I will find how to best put all of the pieces together to have the swims I am capable of.


But 70.3 racing is a long day and I was able to quickly shake it off and move onto the bike. I could immediately tell that I was not firing on all cylinders but I am proud that I was able to tough it out and push through the pain despite not feeling my best. I came into T2 in second place and heard I was a minute down from the race leader, Lauren Brandon. I caught her at the 2 mile mark and saw two strong athletes, Lauren Goss and Liz Lyles, both looking good charging from behind. I knew I had to pick up the pace if I wanted to win and although my legs felt empty, I gritted my teeth and dug as deep as I could. I put in a few pretty hard miles which helped me open up a gap and I was able to maintain my lead. It got very hot out there towards the end and I was incredibly happy to take the WIN by over 4 minutes. See full results here


I was definitely not firing on all cylinders and didn’t have my best day from a fitness execution perspective but I am so grateful for another opportunity to test myself and race against some really strong women, many of whom I had never raced before. I am proud that I was able to push myself on a day when I was not on top form and I really embraced this new experience.

Although it is challenging, back-to-back racing can be a great opportunity to put a big block of training to the test. Just like it did in these past two races, it can result in a very successful week!

Although I didn’t have my best performance from a fitness execution standpoint, I am proud of myself for pushing through mentally on a day I when I felt average. I learnt that racing is not always going to feel good and we have to be able to dig deep and be our strongest self in the darkest moments.

I would highly recommend IRONMAN 70.3 Monterrey as it was very well organized and really displayed the passionate and vibrant culture of Monterrey.


It was my first time in Monterrey and I was very grateful to have had my mom support me on this trip to Mexico. It was very special to have my mom at the finish line and on Mother’s day! I have really enjoyed the past two weeks I got to spend with my mom and having her as my sherpa has been a real treat! 


Liz, me, and Lauren



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